All Science Department Course Placed Here

Some science labs cannot be performed in real life because either the school lacks the equipment or space. Sometimes, the best labs can be done through technology. This workshop will provide guidance on how to successfully conduct a virtual lab. (Instructor – Camillion McDonald)

Anatomy & Physiology (1 credit): This course is an elective course designed for students of junior or senior standing. The course is primarily devoted to the study of the ten major systems of the human body. Emphasis is placed on lecture, discussion, laboratory, research, and current events. A course in general biology and chemistry is highly recommended as desirable prerequisites. 

General Biology is offered primarily to freshmen and sophomores. Emphasis is placed on
lecture, discussion, research, current events, and laboratory work. The major plant and animal phyla and their major systems are covered. General Science, Junior High or High School, is a desirable prerequisite for General Biology. The course is designed as the introductory course for freshmen on the honors track.
This course is designed to prepare the student to take the AP Environmental Science Test, so they may receive college credit.
This is a course in conceptual physics, where students use scientific methods during investigations, and make informed decisions using critical thinking and scientific problem solving. Students study a variety of topics that include laws of motion; changes within physical systems and conservation of energy and momentum; force; thermodynamics; characteristics and behavior of waves; and quantum physics. This course provides students with a conceptual framework, factual knowledge, and analytical and scientific skills.